Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bestee's Nursery - So Anthropolotique

Before I get to it here is some definitions of terms I have made up, just so there is no confusion as you read on.

Bestee - A best friend. In this case it's Juliana.

Anthropolotique - 1) Anthropologie mixed with Antique. An item that is vintage but looks like it could be in a Anthropologie catalog/ store. 2) It also refers to my Etsy store "Anthropolotique Vintage" See my Etsy mini on my sidebar to check it out.

Anthropolotique Style - The art of mixing Anthropologie (if you can afford it) items with your vintage finds to create your own authentic, electic and global style.

Anthropolotiquing - Going to antique stores, thrift stores, estate sales and garage sales and hunting for those perfect items that will help you with your Anthropolotique Style home/closet.

Now that that's settled....

 Today I popped over to my Bestee's house because her baby nursery is finally finished! This is VERY exciting for 2 reasons. I just recently moved a couple of minutes away from my Bestee and being able to just "pop over" is a dream come true. Secondly, I never thought this nursery would get finished (she's 39 weeks pregnant) but she pulled through! It's very Anthropolotique Style.  She used lots of color and mixed new and old pieces to create something very unique.
One night there was a fiasco when I tried to help her sew some curtains and thought the nursery was over....You should have seen the curtain that we were attempting.  Sometimes you just need a Bestee to just look at what you're doing and tell you to keep going in that direction and sometimes you need a Bestee to tell you not to buy that $85 tree wall sticker and SOMETIMES you need your Bestee to just tell you stop making that ugly $*%&# curtain :-)

There was moments when I tried to convince her to buy some expensive Anthropologie curtains, but she held steadfast and was able to accomplish the entire room for less than the Anthro curtains would have cost. She's awesome.

Anyhow here is the room. It's very tiny about 8 x 9 feet but the white walls keep the color from being too consuming.  I love all the mixed prints and colors.

This is a hand-me-down crib that she painted white. She assembled the "mobil" with a tree branch her hubby found (so glad I talked her out of the sticker!) and some lanterns she got anthropolotiquing finished off by decorations from World Market. (World Market has great Anthropolotique Style options)

 The nursery also double as the guest room. The curtains are from Pier One (Clearance!) as well as the throw blanket. How Anthropolotiquey of her to turn an old crate into a side table.

Her handy husband made that headboard for her! She made the covered buttons and used a sheet for the fabric. Sheets are way cheaper than fabric by the yard.

She bought these CUTE wall stickers from Love Mae.  Real non-sticker stick was free!

More of the imobile "mobil".  She's going to make them a little higher, no worries. Definitely my favorite part of the room! So creative and cool!

Oh wait! Where did she get that cute succulent in the tea cup for her side table you ask? Oh it's just a favor that her Bestee put together for her "Baby Sprinkle". Gotta have a Bestee....


  1. Love it! And the colors are fantastic!

  2. Awww thanks! Checked out your blog, very cool. Mine needs some work, but I'm getting there!