Friday, October 19, 2012

Letting go is hard to do....

It's happened twice this week. I get an email in my inbox that an item from vintage Etsy shop has sold.  I should be excited, but truth be told I get attached to my vintage items and get a little sentimental when I pack them up to ship. Especially the purses...

One of the reasons I started my shop is that I LOVE to shop and find hidden treasures.  So often would I find something that didn't work for me but it was such a good find that I would buy it and hope to find someone to give it to.... Then I ended up with alot of stuff.  Why not sell it on Etsy to someone out there who is desperately searching for this item that I was lucky enough to unearth??  But that doesn't mean it isn't bittersweet to see them go...

Anyhow this afternoon I sold this awesome leather satchel purse... As soon as I saw my email for an Etsy transaction I just KNEW in my gut it was this purse... Bittersweet.

  I'm sad that I no longer get to gaze at in my inventory closet. On the other hand I also smile knowing that this purse is going from being boxed in someone's garage to walking around on the streets of New York. 

Purses are probably my best seller in my store.  It's not surprising, I was shopping at Anthropologie the other day and lots of their purses look vintage.  Leather looks better with age.

This Anthropologie Embroidered Geo Backpack reminds reminds me so much of the 80s southwestern tapestry print purses. 

I had this southwest print purse in my store awhile back and it sold fast.

Lots of fashionable ladies are carrying vintage purses right now. I got so excited when I spotted that wicker purse in the bottom left corner. It's got to be vintage... right?

Just like this purse that's still my store. It's still looking for a good home but I'll be sad to see it go.

Have you seen the new these tapestry purses from Dolce & Gabbana??? I LOVE them. So vintagey.

Lucky me was able to score the vintage piece above for about 99% less than the D&G one.  
I'm too attached to put it in Anthropolotique right now. Maybe one day when I'm feeling stronger....

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