Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tied Up Shirt - The User Friendly Crop Top

I love how crop tops look, well most crop tops anyhow. I like the simple fitted ones that are almost like an accessory to a statement pant or skirt. However, if you aren't comfortable baring your midriff like me, then opt for tying up a shirt to give you a similar look.

  I have several crop tops that I use for styling the vintage pieces in my Etsy shop on my model.  The two that get the most use are a neutral striped top and a long sleeve turtleneck white one.

This is the beige and white crop top. It's the perfect neutral stripes for mixing prints. I really love the stripe top with floral prints and now I've begun to mix it in with gingham too. Festival Skirt

                                                         Pleated Gingham Skirt

I love these turtle neck crop tops with high waisted skirt. Keeps enough covered up so the look is more demure. Floral High Waist Skirt

As I said before, although I love the crop top look it isn't the right look for me.  When I want a similar look I tie up a blouse or a tee.  Tie it where you feel comfortable. If I'm layering blouses, I'll wear a fitted tank undereath and tie the blouse up just about the waist line. If I'm not layering I'll make sure I'm wearing bottoms that don't give me a "muffin top" and I'll tie it right on the waist line. 

This neutral striped blouse is tied up on the model just about her waist band. Another option would be to wear a fitted tank underneath if you want no skin showing. 

Another reason I love this tied up look is that it can dress down a skirt or pants that otherwise might be too formal for a day look. Here is a simple gray tank with a silk skirt and J CREW doing the look too. Great casual but chic weekend outfit.  This is especially cool with a semi formal maxi skirt.

I think this is an attached outfit, but this inspires me to do a white tee with a white long skirt soon! 

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