Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How To Wear Overalls

In case you haven't noticed, everyone is going crazy for overalls right now. Well maybe not everyone, but  I can hardly keep them in stock in my ETSY shop.  I've been saying for a while now (see my post from last may)  that they were coming back and all of my friends who lived through the 90's groaned. Now those nay-sayers are even coveting a pair:-)

Top designers had them on their runways, street style gals are being photographed in them everywhere... Would you wear overalls?

If you are going to wear them, the key in my opinion is to to update them.  You could go grunge, tie a flannel around your waist and put on some Birkenstocks. However if you over 21 and you want to look someone grown up in them try to give them some modern styling.

I've seen lots of girls online wearing them with heels. Looks cute and definitely separates them from being your Grandpa's overalls. Definitely cuff them up to show off a statement pair.  Pinterest

My absolute favorite brand of denim this year is Mother. Anthropologie just got some overalls from Mother in stock. 

This pair of overalls is in my shop right now. I styled them casual with a crop top, sandals and some long necklaces. I really love this pair because of the distressed fading on the legs. Great vintage pair! 

This 90's pair of overalls in my shop are a darker denim. What I love about them is the modern looking bib and how the waist drops lower.  I put these with a pair of metallic wedges to dress them up a bit. 

A pair of shorts overalls like these from Madewell make a perfect bathing suit coverup too! 

And if you really have to wear them with Birkenstocksgo with a cool pair like these from Nordstroms. I'm actually obsessed with them and want to buy them but they are currently sold out :-( 

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  1. I always see bloggers wearing overalls and think they look so chic! Love the ones you put in your shop!