Sunday, March 16, 2014


I find as I get older I can't handle synthetic fabrics anymore.  I don't like how they feel, how they don't breathe.... I love cotton mostly and rayon.  Lately I'm falling more and more in love with silk.  It's so light, delicate and lovely.  I like to mix textures and silk is my current favorite texture to throw in to the mix.   Kind of a high/low look with silk as a statement piece. Fancy silk pieces with a cotton tee for example. Or a denim jacket with a silk skirt.

 This look is hands down my favorite look from the latest runway pics on pinterest. This is by Altuzarra. I love the shiny silk silk with the dull henley looking tee. It's definitely inspiring my spring/summer wardrobe purchases.

These pants look so comfy but they are also so chic. I love how she paired this with a simple white tee. On pinterest.

Here is a Ralph Lauren runway look. Boho silk. Pinterest

I love this simple silk tee dress down with leather sandals.  Styled to perfection. Pinterest 

I am also loving simple silk dresses like this one Rosie is wearing.

Here is one from J Crew Collection. I think it would be perfect for an island vacation, but I always think and island vacation would be perfect.

Another favorite for this spring is the shift dress.  This dress is silk and would be another perfect option.

Kind of like the shirt dress is the tunic dress.  The tunic dress (or caftan) looks better on me because of the lower neckline.  This caftan one is a satin silk/rayon blend from Thakoon. Perfect with some flat sandals for strolling around on the weekend. 

If the ones above aren't in your price range, try looking for some vintage ones. The floral button up one above is on etsy right now for $28! 

If you are looking for some thing more minimalistic here is one that is in my shop right now for $50. The silk is kind of matte and it's so lovely.  

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