Friday, May 31, 2013

90's "Hey, I used to wear that!"

When I was in high school in the 90's there was a huge 70's style trend.  I remember my mom saying "Really? I wore stuff just like that!" and I remember saying "Well why didn't you save it for me????"

Now here in 2013 all of the sudden these "kids" are wearing 90's clothes... and I find myself saying "Really? I wore stuff just like that!"   I don't have a daughter, but if I did, I'm sure she'd be asking why I didn't save it for her.

Lots of people out there are looking for 90's "vintage".  Some of the popular searches that brought people to my shop this spring were "Sunflower"  "Grunge boots" and "Overalls".     I refuse to act old and be in disbelief that people are wearing this stuff again so, instead, I'm going to embrace it.

Remember Blossom? This is soooo 90's, especially the sunflower, but the key to wearing vintage is to embrace it and give it a modern spin.  Don't wear too much 90's. Wear a little and give it a modern spin.

Like this cute vintage tee dress from the 90's on ETSY.  Sunflowers with updated styling, cute!

This sunflower sweater shirt was in my shop,  Anthropolotique and it sold very quickly. I still get messages about it. 

Cute 90's dress in my shop right now. So wish it fit me! 

Yes, overalls were huge in the 90's. Yes, Justin Timberlake wore them. Yes, my sister was obsessed with N'Sync.

As I was typing this blog post my last pair of overalls in my shop sold to Australia. This is the second pair in the past week that I've sold to Australia. Maybe there is a global shortage of overalls going on? Start hoarding!  No worries, I have three pairs coming to my shop this week.  

90's Babydoll dress . Add a flannel and combat boots and you are grunge to go. 

Next post is going to be on 90's shoes... get ready:-)

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