Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer Dress Inspiration

Nothing says summer to me like summer dresses. Carefree, lightweight, easy, airy.... What makes a summer dress even better is when you can throw it in your bag for a quick beach getaway. Summer should be a time for fun and relaxation and your clothes should show it! 

I started following this fabulous lady Shirley in Europe who's effortless vintage style I find very inspiring.  She just recently went on a trip to Greece and posted her summer vintage outfits on Instagram.  Breathtakingly beautiful and chic.  Once you fall in love with her vintage taste, you should head over to her Etsy store singlegreenfemale and see what treasures she is passing on! And before I start I should apologize for the screenshot photos. Instagram doesn't make it easy to share photos (which is probably a good thing), but don't worry I have her blessing to share! 

When she first found this dress I tried to convince her to sell it to me :-)  However I'm glad she kept it because she looks amazing in it! Maybe one day she'll pass it on and you'll have to fight me for it.

This is a dress she "upcycled" by shortening the hem and removing the puffy sleeves. So cute and effortless! 

Well this isn't a summer dress, but it is a vintage look and it's amazing so I had to share.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram or her BLOG. Very inspiring!

Now that you're feeling inspired to get some of your own summer dresses here's a couple that I'm loving right now

This nepolitan shimmer dress  from Anthropologie is very easy and summery looking. 

And here's a 70's maxi dress on Etsy for $45.

 This Rachel Comey Dress is gorgeous! I'm not quite daring enough for cut-outs...

But maybe if the cut-outs were in the back like this yellow dress on Etsy I might go for it :-) $44

At the moment I'm really into button up dresses like this one from Anthro. Just something about the buttons make it's seem so effortless.

Here's a button up facconable dress that's in my shop right now. 

I'll leave you with this amazing Midi Dress  that's in Shirley's shop for an absolute steal at $26.

Good night and happy summer dress shopping! 


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  1. Love it!!!!! Thank you so much just tweeted it happy selling xxx