Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Chicer Than a Flannel and Fresher Than Chambray

It's transitional season here in CA when the weather can't decide if it's summer or fall.  Lately I go from being chilly to hot and then  back to chilly in a matter of minutes.  One look that all the High School girls around here (and around the world) are wearing is the flannel shirt that was brought back from it's grunge heyday in the 90's. It's so convenient and the perfect weight to wear this time of year as a coverup.  Keeps the light chill away and when it gets too hot, tie it around your waist.

I however will not being wearing flannels. I used I wore them in the 90's and quite frankly I'm getting too old for grunge:-) My flannel alternative used to be the chambray button up but I've TOTALLY overdone that look....  Last year I came across several Ralph Lauren button up cotton career shirts (also know as the boyfriend shirt)  at Goodwill and snatched them up! I wear them with almost  everything and they've become a wardrobe staple to me.

I wear them with shorts and tank, skinny jeans and tee and even over shift dresses. When it gets to hot I simply tie it around my waist or drape it over the top of my purse and carry it.   Also great for the airplane when the person next to you is blasting their air vent.

I love the ease of wearing one just like  flannel, but it definitely feels chicer and much more "me" than a flannel.

I own this striped one and this oxford one as well as a solid white and a khaki safari one.

I pretty much wear a version of this every time I get on a plane. 
 On a side note, I LOVE these Mother Looker skinny jeans. So comfy! 

I don't personally wear mine over a leather crop top but if you are Miranda Kerr you do:-)

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