Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to Wear the 90's "It" Sweater... AKA The Varsity Boyfriend V-Neck

   90's, 90's, 90's.... the 90's craze is still happening.  Style is jumping ahead to later in the 90's now. When I saw the "It" Talia Rag & Bone sweater pop up on the runway and then all over street style pics I had a total flashback. I remember in the 90's just having to have that style sweater.  Oversized, comfy and preppy.  I loved it.  I think it came after everyone was getting sick of grunge... could people be getting sick of grunge again?  The Rag and Bone Talia sweater is a little more fitted and the v-neck is definitely more of a plunge neck than the one I had but it's definitely inspired by that 90's trend! 

Talia Sweater at Nordstrom

Another one on the runway / Preen

  I'm not sure of the appropriate name for this style sweater but I've heard it called "boyfriend sweater" and "varsity sweater".   I remember my sweater vividly, it was a medium shade of green with a navy blue and white v-neck collar.  I bought it in the men's department at Mervyn's and it was very oversized and comfy. 

This sweater below is almost identical to the one I had back in the day, except it's white and is Eddie Bauer and not a generic Mervyn's brand. Does anyone remember Mervyn's???  The one below it I found on Etsy and it's wool, so a bit warmer.


Careful how you wear these sweaters because they could easily go to sloppy and look dated.  A modern way to style it  would be to pair it with a skirt (my fall favorite) or a sleek pair of skinny jeans. 

I love the leather skirt below and the black and navy combo looks so fresh.


These exaggerated pleats are amazing.

This makes me want a sequin pencil skirt badly...

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