Saturday, November 17, 2012

Because I'm from Florida....

I love fashion and I love putting together outfits but when it comes to Fall layering I'm CLUELESS. There are days when I honestly feel like a little kid trying to get all the pieces to work together and getting look right and not looking complicated with all those pieces!

I'm clueless because I grew up in Florida... South Florida.  In South Florida it's really hot and humid 90% of the year and you don't want to wear many clothes (have you been to South Beach?).  So when it finally drops from the 90's to the 80's in November not much changes in your wardrobe.

 In the Fall in Florida your "coat" is a jean jacket,  your "boots" are your closed toe flats or even (gasp) socks with your sandals. Granted I went to school in a lower income area and I'm sure the girls in the prep schools had fall boots... and I'm also sure I made fun of them for wearing them when it was 85 degrees out.  No scarves, gloves, beanies.... you get the point.

In the winter when the rest of the country was bundled up we'd have days at the beach.  On the rare occasion when we would have a "cold snap" and the weather would drop into the 40's people brought blankets to school. No joke.  So if you ever see a Floridian like me in Canada at Christmas time looking like a total winter fashion disaster have a good laugh.  We sure laugh at you all when you bring your pasty selves to the our beaches :-)

Now here I am in Southern California. It's not a cold weather climate, but it is definitely colder than tropical Florida.  Layering is essential here. The weather changes throughout the day by 20-30 degrees and I get so confused as to what to wear.   I often find myself staring at girls in cute fall outfits trying to dissect them and figure out how they made it work.  I'm getting better at it, but I must admit there has been quite a few times where I attempted a cute layered look and changed at the last second because I felt foolish.

Anyhow I'm trying to get better at Fall styling and have been doing some online research.  Here is items that I would love to buy for my SoCal layering.

What's better than the skinny jean? Skinny cords. I love them.

Here's a great winter coat for my fellow Floridians and it's vintage :-)

And of course fall boots! I found these at an estate sale. I adore them, but they don't fit! But the perfect fall boot, don't you think? They are military issued from the early 1900's. Sigh. Shrink feet, shrink...

I wore Birkenstocks like these year round and when it got cold I threw on some socks! Who needs boots? 

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