Friday, November 23, 2012

Free People Vintage

Have you ever gone over to Free People's website? They have a vintage store that sells "one of a kind" vintage clothing and accessories.  They have awesome stuff that is styled well but it is SUPER EXPENSIVE. Super duper expensive in my opinion.

I wonder why with all the vintage that is online now-a-days why people purchase stuff from their site... Is it because they style it well? I don't think so, lots of shops online have great style.   I've gone through this over and over in my brain and I think it's because people feel it's been validated as "cool" because it's in their vintage shop. Or maybe they feel it's worth more because they paid more?  I get that and if I had that kind of money I might buy something from them as well.

This isn't an attempt to put down their store, it's a great store! I've just been pondering and trying to figure out why some vintage stores get away with charging huge prices and make lots of sales and others charge little and sell little.  I guess that's the big secret to selling vintage!

Anyhow whether or not you have the money to buy from them it's worth a browse over there to see what they have! I like how they break up there shop into "themes".   Right now a couple of my favorite themed sections are "Pretty in Pink" which is vintage special occasion pink tulle dresses.  They also have a "Tartan Traveler" section which features lots of fair-isle sweaters and tartan shirts (which also sell for close to $300).

Here's a couple of vintage items from Free People that I would buy if I had that kind of money and some similar finds on Etsy.

This dress is in FP's "Black Sheep" Section which has black and white and lots of lace. I love how they photographed it, but like to see the clothes on models to get an idea of fit.

Vintage white strapless lace dresses are hot right now and very hard to find. If you find one at a decent price, snatch it up fast because they sell quick. If you can't find one in your price one, perhaps you could pair a vintage bustier or corset with a white lace skirt? Lots more of those online. 

This bustier would be great with a high waisted skirt. I love the look of this particular one and you can't beat the price!

 There are lots of options on Etsy, search for lace skirt, petticoats, slips etc. I particularly like this one. 

This sweater on FP is Ski Apres Chic for sure.

 So this one doesn't have the cool skiers, but the colors are similar and it's still ski apres chic and it's almost 90% less....

From the "Tartan Traveler" section (which I love how they styled) is this plaid jacket

 This one on Etsy is very similar and it's Pendelton! 

I love this tapestry purse on FP. You can find lots of them on Etsy. Search for 'needle point vintage purse' or 'tapestry purse vintage'

These military anorak type jackets are very trendy. Love them! 

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  1. love how you found similar etsy items and compared. I do a post entitled real deal or reproduction and compare urban outfitters/anthropologie reproductions with real deal etsy antiques.

    great post!

    visiting you from the etsy top treasury team :) great blog!


  2. Thanks so much Saralyn! I'll check out your blog.