Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas and New Year's Eve

I got so busy with the holidays and the holiday Etsy listing and shipping that I didn't have time to blog. I'm not complaining though.  Finding time to ship is a good problem to have, it means my store is making sales and that is always encouraging and welcome.

My goal right now is to be stocking up on some spring merchandise which is fun because it means SHOPPING. But as much as I love Spring, it's not as fun as sparkly New Year's Eve pieces I'm currently obsessing over.  Check out the finds below!

First however,  I'll share with you some pictures of my Anthropolotique style Christmas decor.  Advance apologies for the pictures, I took them all on my iphone out of laziness.  I'll try an remember to take some on my Nikon before I take all the decorations down.

I bought these jars a yard sale and I love them! I change the contents with the seasons and it's alot of fun. The clear and silver ornaments on the left for a from a thrift store. The pretty silver ones are from BIG LOTS! Got them for $3.50 a package. They look very vintage, but they're not. Anthropolotiquing doesn't always necessarily mean vintage and garage sales. 

This is my Christmas Dinner table. The tablecloths are all vintage finds, the tree is another Big Lots find (I know, who knew!). The flowers and pots are from the 99 cent store. The cinnamon sticks that I used on the napkins, Trader Joe's. 

Another view. I love how this table turned out.  

Another view. I love how this table turned out.  

AND now finally to some fabulous New Year's Eve attire....

The blouse below is in my shop right now. It's gorgeous and comfy too! Great with a pencil skirt or high waist black pants. 

This dress caught my eye and I wanted it badly! While I debated whether I could shrink my bust down by 3 inches it sold. Too bad, it was a great price too!     Vtg Dress

I love a good peplum! This one is perfect for a NYE party. 

So this one isn't gold or sparkly, but I just adore it. Spring dreaming I suppose.


  1. aw Elissa AW!

    girl your blog is rad, thank you so much for including my DRESS

    super fondly,

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