Sunday, November 4, 2012

Old Picture - Help me ID???

I picked up this old picture yesterday at a garage sale and I liked the looks of it.  The price was only $5 so obviously I bought it.

Didn't think much of it but when I looked closely at it I noticed that it was dated 1854. Upon closer inspection it seemed to be an original drawing. 

I'm am not an art expert at all.   I googled different variations of what the artist name seems to be Wendler? Mendler? 

Anyhow nothing has come up.  Not sure what to do now.  An art appraiser? But then I might feel like a fool when it's nothing:-)

Anyhow here is the pictures I took of the front of the picture, the artists name and the back of the piece.

Let me know if you have any thoughts! Or suggestions of what the name might be.

When you look at it in person you can see the metallic of the pencil markings and it is different than the color spots. That's why I think it's original.

Between my hubby and I, we've come up with many variations of what this name is. What do you think?
Even it's not a famous artist, if it's original and really from 1854 it should be worth something, right? I told you I'm not an art expert:-)

All I can decipher from this is "French man". Thoughts?

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